About us

StudioIDEAM is a team of young designers in the professional fields of architecture, public procurement, sustainable building and design. Architects F. Marzulli and D. De Leo, with the industrial designer U. Colasanto, coordinate a multidisciplinary team of professionals, consultants, enterprises, artisans and creative: passion, enthusiasm and professional expertise are combined to decades of experience of entrepreneurs and masters artisans. StudioIDEAM is a container of creativity and professionalism in every project and realization, combines modernity with tradition, technological innovation to handicraft of excellence.


What we do

Quality architectural design, development of sustainable projects on the economic and environmental, innovative concepts, support for executions “turnkey”, accurate achievements in aesthetic details and plant additions, multidisciplinary specialist advice.

The professional areas of expertise are as follows: existing recovery, restoration, new buildings, public procurement, interior design, residential interior design, retail & Public, urban design, Research and development, advice.

How we work

Objectives of each professional experience are customer satisfaction and design quality, added value for the client.
For each order the study identifies a manager, who coordinates the multidisciplinary team with dedication and craftsmanship follows the design and execution process to streamline the cost and time.

Our target

Our clients are looking for professionalism, architectural quality, functionality, uniqueness, innovation and recognize the project as a first step towards a profitable financial investment.
In our portfolio clients include private clients, entrepreneurs, public and private institutions, associations and companies in the sector.

Where we work

The headquarters is located in the central and elegant district Umbertino in Bari (Puglia – Italy) and allows us to operate all over the province and region.
We have also several professional experiences in Italy (Tuscany, Abruzzo, Lombardy, Umbria) and abroad (France, China, Peru).

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